Our Team

Christopher Bodkin

Data Coordinator, Sector Performance and Recognition

Paul Bogart

Executive Director

Marisa Brasor

Philanthropic Partnerships Managing Director

Stacia Clinton

Chief Program Officer

Gary Cohen

President and Founder


Amy Collins

Physician Engagement Senior Clinical Advisor

Kevin Conway

Communications Associate Director

Lindsey Corey

Communications Associate Director

Courtney Crenshaw

Healthy Food in Health Care California Regional Program Manager

Cecilia DeLoach Lynn

Sector Performance and Recognition Director

Shanda Demorest

Shanda Demorest

Member Engagement Manager

Rebecca Duchesne

Rebecca Duchesne

Philanthropic Partnerships and Strategy Manager

Beth Eckl

Environmental Purchasing Program Director

Keith Edgerton

Climate Solutions Associate Director

April Galarza

Communications Manager

Eugenia Gibbons

Eugenia Gibbons

Climate Policy Boston Director

Michelle Gottlieb

Organizational Change and Learning Director

Kate Gottlieb

Member Engagement Manager

Hillary Greenwood

Hillary Greenwood

Advisory Services Director

Benn Grover

Communications Director

Amber Hansen

Healthy Food in Health Care Western U.S. Regional Program Manager

Lin Hill

Awards Specialist

Janet Howard

Member Engagement Director

Sanjeev Kale

Information Technology Director

Josh Karliner

Josh Karliner

Program and Strategy International Director

Lauren Kaskey

Healthy Food in Health Care New England Regional Program Manager

Nicholas Knock

Nicholas Knock

Communications Manager

Nancy Kohn

Nancy Kohn

Healthy Food in Health Care Director of Regional Innovation & Equity

Jingjing Li

International Project Manager

Julie Moyle

Outreach and Engagement Specialist

Doreen Mugure

Doreen Mugure

Finance Director

Veronique Nagle

Human Resources and Administration Director

Jolie Patterson

Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Poor

Healthy Food in Health Care California Community Food Systems Regional Program Manager

Leah Potter

Leah Potter

Communications Assistant

Scott Rich

Growth & Marketing Director

Robyn Rothman

Climate and Health Policy Manager

Lucia Sayre

Lucia Sayre

Healthy Food in Health Care Director of Regional Innovation and Community Resilience

Ella Schwotzer

Ella Schwotzer

Climate and Health Program Communications Manager

Kaeleigh Sheehan

Member Engagement and Greening the OR Manager

Emma Sirois

Emma Sirois

Healthy Food in Health Care National Director

Betsy Skoda

Healthy Food in Health Care New England Community Food System Regional Program Manager

Thealisha Smith

Thealisha Smith

Philanthropic Partnerships Grants and Database Manager

John Stoddard

Healthy Food in Health Care National Project Manager

Ruth Stringer

International Science and Policy Coordinator

Lara Sutherland

Performance Analytics Director

John Ullman

John Ullman

Safer Chemicals and Procurement Director

Winston Vaughn

Winston Vaughn

Climate Solutions Boston Director

Kervi Walent

Human Resources and Administration Coordinator

Jennifer Wang

International Climate Associate Director

Susan Wilburn

International Sustainability Director

Jessica Wolff

Climate and Health U.S. Director

Brian Youngblood

Information Technology Associate Director

Erwin Yunani

Database Manager