Data 101 webinar series


The Practice Greenhealth Environmental Excellence Awards is more than an awards program – it’s an opportunity to capture data on environmental quality improvement progress within hospitals and health systems. 

Data is power. It has the power to demonstrate a return on investment. It has the power to implement positive change. When submitted through Practice Greenhealth’s Environmental Excellence Awards, it can result in a custom report, helping hospitals see how they compare to their peers and nationally on numerous environmental attributes. This helps identify areas of success and helps to formalize the next set of performance goals. 

Data is power – let us help you make it as powerful as possible. 

Accurate data is critical in receiving the value of the process. To meet that need, Practice Greenhealth has recorded a series of Data 101 recordings to walk sustainability teams and data analysts through the data collection protocol for key performance areas. Access these recordings 24/7 to help maximize data integrity and to understand how to calculate normalizers so that the data is best able to support ongoing efforts.

Climate and energy

Energy benchmarking: How to conduct an energy baseline - Practice Greenhealth teams up with the EPA’s Health Care Portfolio Manager staff to de-mystify the process of energy benchmarking by discussing the goals, measures and calculation details needed to move along the three levels.  


Goals, metrics, transportation toolkit  - This webinar reviews the Practice Greenhealth transportation goals, identifies key transportation performance metrics and data collection processes and highlights available transportation resources. 

Safer chemicals/Sustainable procurement 

Green cleaning, healthy interiors, and DEHP/PVC reduction  - Review the Practice Greenhealth resources available to track activities around safer chemicals in three areas – green cleaning, PVC/DEHP reduction, and healthy interiors. 

Safer chemicals

Virtual mercury elimination - Learn about the Practice Greenhealth Making Medicine Mercury Free Award criteria and how to go about meeting the requirements to get recognition for this important work. 

Healthier food 

Healthier food - Review the metrics and data collection requirements to track and report out on healthy food initiatives such as local and sustainable purchasing applying the "less meat, better meat" strategy. Explore the healthier food goals and measurements to track progress year over year. 

Less waste 

How to conduct a material and waste baseline - Join this webinar for an overview of the categories that Practice Greenhealth has established in order for hospitals to use a standardized practice for measuring materials and waste. Review a step-by-step approach to understanding and tracking each waste stream, as required by Practice Greenhealth. 

Less food waste 

How to track food waste reduction - Review the protocol for an annual 24-hour capture of food waste generated to find a way to measure progress, without the hassle of continuous measurement. Explore the tools and resources available, the food waste streams, and the resources to help your organization make progress in this very important area.  

Climate, energy, and greenhouse gas reductions

Greenhouse gas emissions data tracking and goal setting - Learn more about available tools for greenhouse gas baseline data tracking, new resources and recommended targets from Practice Greenhealth to get started on this journey. 

Less water

How do you measure a facility’s water footprint? Understand the expectations of the Practice Greenhealth award application as it pertains to water. Learn how to collect water use data in order to set water reduction goals and then manage water conservation programs. 

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