Greenhealth cost of ownership calculator user community

Greenhealth cost of ownership toolkit


(Greenhealth cost of ownership toolkit) The user community will provide a welcome space for users of the calculator to share their experiences and learn from others.

  • Practice Greenhealth exchange listerv  Post your questions of the Practice Greenhealth listserve community
  • Greenhealth cost of ownership ambassador (members only) For users of the calculator, become an ambassador to share your experiences in a more formal way, such as through Sharing calls, articles, and more.
  • Case studies (members only) Use our template to share your experience and results with others to show your great work. Receive our support to finalize the write-up.
  • Sharing calls Sharing calls will be available through Greenhealth Academy so you can get answers to your questions from other users and share your experiences and success stories. Together we can create a positive ripple effect. (members only)

If you have comments or questions, email Beth Eckl.

Ambassador program

What is the ambassador program?

The ambassador program is for Practice Greenhealth members using the Greenhealth cost of ownership calculator to facilitate environmentally preferable purchasing decision-making.  The program represents a growing list of users who are committed to sharing their experiences with the calculator to help others benefit from their experience. Ambassadors can play a role in improving the calculator for version 2.0.

Who can be an ambassador?

The ambassador program is for Practice Greenhealth members who are involved in some way in using the Greenhealth cost of ownership calculator. This will likely be hospital or GPO procurement and sustainability professionals in health care.

Benefits of being an ambassador

Leadership role

Be a leader in evaluating costs of ownership demonstrating smarter purchasing decision-making and finding the best value in product selection to reduce both organizational costs and environmental impact.

Share your success

Saving resources and money for your organization is truly noteworthy and would be valuable to share with your colleagues. Share targeted products, the lessons learned and the results achieved. Take time to show your great work!


Practice Greenhealth wants to recognize your efforts in greening the supply chain. Being an Ambassador will showcase your work and bring recognition to your organization.

What is an ambassador's role?

  1. Complete a Greenhealth cost of ownership assessment using the calculator.
  2. Share your experience or results (generalizing costs as needed) in one or more of the following ways:
  • Use the Practice Greenhealth template to share a case study. (We can work together on it.)
  • Present your experience in a Practice Greenhealth webinar or on a sharing call
  • Provide a quote on the use of the calculator
  • Write an article or a blog for Practice Greenhealth
  • Submit a proposal and present your experience on using the GCO Calculator at conferences (CleanMed, AHRMM, etc)
  • Provide input and play a role in the development of version 2.0

If interested, email Beth Eckl to sign up.

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