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Environmental considerations for furniture

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Why ask environmental questions for furnishings? Furniture and medical furnishings are made with chemicals and materials that may be hazardous and may pose risks to staff, patients and entire communities throughout their life cycle. Below are suggested line-item environmental questions for furniture and medical furnishings. These questions can be integrated into a RFP/RFI and used to evaluate…

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Seattle Children's Transportation Benefits

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Seattle Children's Hospitals offers employees a range of transportation assistance and commuting options as an employee benefit.

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Get started guide: Healthy food and beverage environments

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Hospital food service often mirrors general societal food consumption patterns.  However, the health mission and large purchasing power of hospitals make them excellent models and drivers for healthier food environments and systems. There is an emerging understanding that the “health” of a food choice is a combination of the nutritional benefits is provides, and the way in which that food was…

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