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Plant-forward by the numbers (Menus of Change)

  • Guide
[Plant-Forward Future] This resource can help you make the business case for plant-forward and includes metrics and insights on consumer trends that show increased demand for plant proteins.

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Procuring renewable energy for health care facilities

  • Energy Efficiency
Health care access to renewable energy Procuring renewable energy is a highly impactful step hospitals can take to reduce their carbon footprint and negative health impacts. As the cost of renewables falls, transitioning to renewables can reduce energy costs along with pollution. Practice Greenhealth urges health care facilities to set a goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030. Renewable…

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Renewable energy sources for hospitals

  • Energy
Hospitals and health systems around the world are investing in clean, renewable energy to protect the health of their patients and communities, attract and retain top-tier talent, increase the resilience of their operations to disasters, and reduce energy costs and price volatility. Combining renewable energy with electricity storage can help hospitals remain operational during extreme weather or…

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Renewable energy: Imperative to act

The health care industry is the only sector with health as its core mission. Open 24/7 and buzzing with high-tech, life-saving equipment, hospitals are incredibly energy-intensive facilities, consuming roughly 2.5 times more energy per square foot than a typical commercial office space. While being used to save lives and improve patient health, this energy is often generated by the combustion of…

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Plant-Forward Future resources

  • Toolkit
Plant-Forward Future is a curated set of resources from Practice Greenhealth, Health Care Without Harm, and our partners that will help health care facilities set a plant-forward goal, menu, and market plant-forward dishes, and track their progress. HOW-TO GUIDEWHY PLANT-FORWARD? The resources further below are divided into three categories: Implementation. There are multiple strategies a…

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